Leadership Cocktail -- without doubt, the most unique leadership presentation you'll ever see!

Looking for a unique, creative presentation for your corporate event, annual retreat and team meeting? Let Leadership Cocktail with Jeff Hannah make it memorable!

You'll be amazed: the cocktails that tickled palates for generations provide powerful analogies and metaphors for leadership and the world of work.

Deftly blending American cocktail lore with leadership lessons from business and communication, bartender sage Jeff Hannah entertains audiences with his wit and wisdom.

And watch as Jeff expertly mixes the cocktails behind the stories!

Leadership Cocktail presents a tasty blend of cocktail history and lessons from the modern work world, including:

  • The secrets of (cocktail) entrepreneurship
  • The 4 communication skills bartenders can teach us
  • Why is the Ramos Gin Fizz a good test of your team?
  • Change, resiliency and the Sazerac Cocktail (the official cocktail of New Orleans)
Leadership Cocktail with Jeff Hannah -- you'll be talking about it long afterwards!

"Quite frankly, one of the best presentations we've ever seen. Jeff is masterful at involving his audience with thought-provoking insights. But he takes it to another level with the cocktail stories - and actually makes the drinks! We're still talking about Leadership Cocktail!"

Randy Knudtson, President, Des Moines (IA) Leadership Network

Popular Topics Include:
LEADERSHIP COCKTAIL: Leadership Lessons from (Behind) the Bar

Deftly blending American cocktail lore with leadership lessons from the modern business world, bartender sage Jeff Hannah entertains audiences with his wit and wisdom.

Featured cocktails: Moscow Mule, Vieux Carré, Martini

Running a Tab: The Bartender's Guide to Motivation

In a tough business climate, it is imperative to find ways to keep staff motivated and morale up. Distill the myths of employee motivation and create an environment that ignites enthusiasm and loyalty -- and results!

Featured cocktails: Hurricane, Sazerac Cocktail, Ramos Gin Fizz

Coast(er) to Coast(er): A Barman's Holiday

Join Jeff for a shaken-not-stirred tour of the cities and regions that brought us classic American cocktails. Marvel at the murky origins and colorful histories of the drinks that tickled the nation’s palate.

Featured cocktails: Gin Rickey, Bloody Mary, Margarita

Making Change: The Bartender’s Guide to Transition and Resilience

Although the neighborhood lounge can be a sanctuary from the outside world, the barkeep’s world is not immune to change. Staying competitive means taking a proactive approach to transition, engaging hearts and minds around change, and personal resiliency.

Featured cocktails: Tom Collins, Sazerac Cocktail, White Russian