Cocktail Lore -- and More!


Read the stories -- and recipes -- behind the classic cocktails. Check out the links below!
Bloody Mary - creativity counts!

Hurricane-force cocktail

Brandy Sidecar - always a smooth ride

Daiquiri - hold the blender

Dry gin martini straight up - Old School, still

French 95 - antidote to the mimosa

Gin Rickey - a Capitol idea!

Manhattan - a tradition of sophistication

Margarita - the bartender's love letter

Mint Julep -- we've always done it that way

Mojito - from Cuba with love

Moscow Mule - the drink that launched a trend

Old-Fashioned - the "original" cocktail

Piña Colada - island escape

Ramos Gin Fizz - the toast of New Orleans

Sazerac Cocktail - the allure of the forbidden

Tom Collins - no longer a hoax!

Vieux Carré - a Big Easy tradition


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