Be more effective. Lead more confidently. Strengthen important relationships.
Leadership and Change Expert - Facilitator - Educator Jeff Hannah brings out the LEADER IN EVERYONE!

With acknowledged expertise in leadership, communication and organizational change, Jeff Hannah is an in-demand speaker and regular contributor to national and regional publications. And he can frequently be found in corporate and college classrooms, preparing the next generation of leaders.

NOTE: All presentations can be customized for the event, the audience and the time frame.

Jeff's Most Popular Topics:

LEADERSHIP COCKTAIL: Leadership Lessons from (Behind) the Bar

Without doubt, the most unique leadership presentation you’ll ever see!

You'll be amazed: the cocktails that tickled palates for generations provide powerful analogies and metaphors for the world of work and for managers and leaders.

Deftly blending American cocktail lore with leadership lessons from the modern business world, bartender sage Jeff Hannah entertains audiences with his wit and wisdom.

Discover the surprising parallels between managing and bartending:
• handling tough conversations – how to cut someone off and still maintain the relationship
• building teams that don’t kill each other
• the important traits that bartenders (and leaders) must demonstrate.

And watch as Jeff expertly mixes the cocktails behind the stories!

• Identify the 4 communication skills that bartenders can teach us
• Bring perspective to organizational change
• Hire and develop work teams that are productive and high-functioning
• Address challenging relationships and behaviors in the work place.


MANAGING TO CHANGE: What Every Leader Must Know

THE COLD, HARD REALITY: The vast majority of significant change initiatives undertaken by business fail to meet deadlines. Or fail to meet expectations. Or just flat-out fail.

MORE COLD, HARD REALITY: The pace of change is relentless. Successful change requires brains, critical thinking skills, resilience and persistence.

A tireless and passionate change advocate, Jeff Hannah shows how to anticipate challenges – emphasize opportunity – and lead more confidently through organizational change.

Engaging audiences with his insights, stories and humor, Jeff has taken his message to thousands, providing real-world perspectives and proven strategies for:
• harnessing the key roles of organizational change
• targeted and timely communication
• leveraging the power of symbolism and ceremony

• Recognize common symptoms of change in an organization
• Increase teamwork by anticipating team and individual reactions to change, including resistance
• Reframe and “normalize” change to emphasize the benefits of change
• Decrease the lost productivity that frequently accompanies organizational change.


The Team Dyamic: A Building and Balancing Act

In today’s business climate, leaders are only as effective as the teams they manage – and the results those groups produce!

Almost 90% of the work accomplished in an organization is the result of multiple contributors. To boost team performance, the best managers must recognize, channel and strengthen the critical dynamics within each team.

Drawing upon his extensive leadership and management expertise, Jeff provides real-world perspectives and proven strategies for:
• managing with character and confidence
• fostering timely, impactful communication
• improving morale and productivity
• developing teams that don't kill each other!

Engaging audiences with his insights, stories and humor, Jeff Hannah shows us how to be more effective -- to lead more confidently -- and improve team outcomes!

Remember: Your team's success STARTS WITH YOU!

• Identify signs and symptoms of poor team dynamics
• Diagnose key team characteristics and satisfiers
• Better select and develop team members
• Improve team morale, satisfaction and productivity.


Motivation 2.0: Boosting Morale and Loyalty in Tough Times

Has low morale become an issue in your organization? Are productivity, efficiency, and teamwork declining?

It’s a tough business climate out there: American workers are more disengaged than any other time in history. And almost a third say they expect to leave their jobs within 3 years.

Leaders are challenged to create a motivating and supportive environment. And understanding employee motivators can increase productivity, decrease turnover, and improve engagement and loyalty.

It's a (deceptively) simple equation:

Start TODAY to position your organization FOR THE FUTURE!

• Debunk the myths of employee motivation
• Differentiate the 3 methods of motivation – and which produces the best results
• Understand the power of Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose
• Implement strategies to lower employee turnover and absenteeism.


FEARLESS Conflict Resolution

Admit it. Conflict scares us. In fact, more than 70% of us are actually avoiding an important conversation with our boss, a co-worker or an employee!

But we can’t ignore conflict. We experience conflict in almost every significant relationship in our professional and personal lives.

Engaging audiences with his insights, stories and humor, Jeff Hannah de-mystifies the tensions around conflict, revealing:
• the need for conflict in healthy, dynamic relationships
• how to change our perception of conflict and our conflict styles
• the 3 powerful words for initiating conflict resolution
• an 8-step model for initiating conflict resolution

Managing conflict in more productive ways means less stress, more satisfying relationships, and stronger work teams. What are you waiting for?!

• Understand the origins of our conflict styles
• Describe the 5 basic ways we approach conflict
• Observe guidelines for managing conflict effectively
• Use an 8-step model for conflict dialogue.


For Executives:

INSIDE/OUT CHANGE: The Executive Imperative

The numbers are NOT encouraging: the majority of change efforts don't meet deadlines, don't produce expected results or just outright fail! The successful executive must understand the dynamics of the organization during times of change.

This workshop strengthens the executive's perspective on:
• Sponsoring Change. Understanding the Executive Role
• Communicating Change -- What, to Whom, When?
• Using Symbolism to Create a Sense of Urgency
• Preparing Change Agents to Lead
• Don't stop beating the drum!