To maximize the attendee experience, Jeff requests that the following be provided:

A wireless lapel microphone (wireless lavaliere) with extra batteries available.
Please provide a wireless handheld microphone as a backup.


A display screen and an LCD projector on a standard AV cart (with AC power connection).
The projector will have a computer-to-projector connecting cable. Jeff will provide a PC laptop.


A small, skirted table for a glass of water.

FOR LEADERSHIP COCKTAIL: Jeff will discuss special arrangements.


A riser or stage (preferably no more than 18" off the ground, no smaller than 8' x 8')
if there are more than 300 people in attendance.

If a riser or stage is used, a set of stairs placed on the side(s) or in the center.


Theater or classroom style seating arrangement.


For groups of 400 or more, please arrange for video display behind the speaker.


If Jeff's program is videotaped or audiotaped, a fee equal to 50% of presentation fee (up to a maximum of $2000) will be charged. Jeff requests a master copy, as well.